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Wild Water Derby

Here are the winner's from the 2016 Wild Water Derby:

Best Design: “Minions” Robert Leonard, Joe Rast, Brad Smith, Kurt Weichenthal 

Most Entertaining: “Batmobile” Justin Shaw, Scott Hackett, Scott Volpe, John Joseph, Roger Nanara, Mike Culhane 

Fastest Raft: “Wild Blue 2”  Dale Darling, Travis North, Aaron Darling, Mike Olsowske

2nd Fastest “Bobcat of the Finger Lakes” Dan Havert, Ryan Cowley, Brandon Martin, Mike Havert

Kayak Female, fastest  Madelyn Davenport

Kayak Female, 2nd fastest April Sharp

Kayak Male, fastest Aldon Henrie

Kayak Male, 2nd fastest Cain Payne

Marcus Whitman vs. Red Jacket Challenge: Marcus Whitman team of Elijah Perot, Gerald Kolz, Nathan Matton, Brett Watts of Rushville

Canoe with 5 paddlers: Andrew Doody, David Kuehnert, Ben Knowlton, Ben Holzwarth, Spencer Madsen

Here are photos from Saturday, shared by Robert Kerr.