The wild water derby 



Ample parking can be found at Shortsville Manchester High School on Route 21, a short walk to Budd Park (Water Street).

Morning Breakfast:

The Chamber of Commerce hosts a very unprofitable breakfast at the American Legion for the 5K runners, Paddlers, and early spectators. PLEASE show your support and enjoy, coffee, eggs, pancakes, orange juice, milk, sausage, and toast.


There is no cost for spectators but we encourage you to spend freely with the non-profits that are all trying to raise funds.


The most popular locations are the starting line on Stand Pipe Road, North Park Fishing Access Site on Pioneer Road and the most popular location at Budd Park near downtown Shortsville. Rafts, canoes and kayaks are launched one every two minutes for safety. Some paddlers will not make it all the way to the rapids (and fewer over the rapids). Pop-up tents, canopies, picnics, cook-outs ARE PERMITTED AND ENCOURAGED (there are limited number of fixed grills and picnic tables along the outlet as well, compliments of the Village of Shortsville).  Local public law prohibits open containers. This is a family event be safe, sensible and polite.


Food and beverages are available for sale by local non-profits and Chamber of Commerce Approved for-profits that agree to contribute to the local programs to assist those in need. Picnic baskets are allowed. Local law prohibits open containers. Please pick up after yourself.

Launch Order:

First registered first choice for launching order. Excpetions may be made at starting line by the Launch Crew for safety or other reasons. Typically, a kayak and canoe will take 10-15 minutes to reach the main viewing area. A raft will take 20-35 minutes.

Awards and Timing:

Awards will take place at the American Legion directly after the last racing raft finishes. Prior to the Legion activities,  you can stop by the gazebo in the park to view times. Your bib number will be required to look up your time.

Police, Traffic Control, Ambulance & Swift Water Rescue:

Due to the nature of the event, there are numerous volunteer rescue squads along - and in - the outlet. Please do not interfere other than say thank you. If you are disabled, special parking arrangements are available.


There are multiple neighborhood parties and barbeques where strangers are always welcomed. If the weather is less than desirable, plenty of paddlers can be found at the Depot Restaurant or next door at Buffalo Bill's. In Manchester, for a more of a wild crowd is the Timber Creek. (FYI, The best after hours party actually happens Mothers Day weekend at Fish's Farm Market celebrating the opening of the greenhouses with music, craft brews, awesome food and deals for Mom.)


The Down River Race is scheduled for 11:00 mass launch on Sunday April 30.  Launch will be near Canandaigua Lake, just behind the Post Office next to Wegman's. This is a no charge event except for the required ACA insurance fee, compliments of  the Farmington McDonalds, Manchester McDonalds, and Bliss Surefine in Shortsville.  

Shuttle/Taxi service is currently being negotiated.

A map is here.

The New England Slalom Series races are also scheduled for Sunday April 30 at the main rapids area in Shortsville's Budd Park . For spectators, the event will run most of the afternoon.

The slaloms are a points-based event where the paddler has to navigate thru a series of "gates" (hanging pipes attached to lines) without touching the pipes. Green gates are the down-water gates. Red gates are gates that must be paddled thru while going against the current. Like NASCAR, points earned on this course count towards a series of races nationally.

For paddlers participating in both, arrangements will be made at the slalom event to coordinate with your schedule.

Concessions for Sunday are provided by the Chamber of Commerce. As with Saturday, picnics are encouraged, and the crowds are considerably lighter. A great relaxing time with the family.

A map of Budd Park/Rapids is here.

It takes a community to make it happen.  See some of the sponsors of the Derby.

Big Dog Radio
McDonald's of Manchester
Buffalo Bill's
Bliss Shurfine
New Energy Works
Canandaigua National Bank

The 2017 Wild Water Derby is here!

The Chamber Twitter account is up and running. We will post updates throughout the day here.

April 29th is the day!  Mark your calendars for a day of fun and excitement.  April 30th is the Down River Race as well as the North East Slalom Series.  What a fun weekend!

Also Saturday morning is a 5k race to benefit the Red Jacket high school track & field and cross country programs.  You can view their site, here.

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Matt Schaertl, Coordinator